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Leandroo is an innovative decision-support reference algorithm targeted toward physicians prescribing or considering to prescribe Rx-drugs, allowing to provide a more efficient personalized pharmacotherapy. Leandroo’s algorithm outputs a range of suggested drugs, formulas or molecules based on various patient parameters.

Expedited clinical Decision Making

First time drug prescription, when conducted in accordance with medical guidelines, is time consuming. This is especially true when it comes to ADHD treatment. A major part of time spent discussing individual new prescriptions is dedicated to the medication purpose, directions and duration of use, side effects, substance combinations and evaluation of other invividual anamnestic information.

Leandroo does not permit any short cuts when it comes to determining medication options suitable for the patient. Howewer, it enables professionals to accelerate their clinical decision making process, while being more accurate at the same time.

Enhanced Accuracy of clinical Predictions

Even when conducted in accordance with medical guidelines – e.g. collect and apply anamnestic data systematically – significant hints leading to the optimal regimen may me subject to disregard throughout the professional process.

Leandroo’s algorithm aspires to increase patient’s odds to receive a drug meeting their individual requirements faster and with higher success rate.

Leandroo never presumes to replace a physician’s professional judgement. Yet, it will agree on delivering a second opinion upon request.

Progress (2016 – July 2024)

Phase I: Recruiting 100%
Phase I: Data Collection 100%
Frontend Development 100%
Alpha Testing 100%
Phase II: Recruiting 100%
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